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The Danish system

Higher Education

In this article and video you can learn about different types of higher education in Denmark.


Whether you are interested in a research-oriented programme or an applied programme you will have plenty of options in Denmark. You can choose between several programmes taught entirely in English. Learn more in the video below.

The Danish System


These programmes are for you if you seek employment in business and industry. An AP programme normally lasts two years and combines theory with practice. Some examples of AP programmes are: communications, computer science, design and technology, hospitality and tourism management, marketing management and multimedia design.

In some programmes, students have the possibility to continue their AP Degree at a bachelor level by way of a top-up degree. The top-up degree is approximately 1½ years of study (90 ECTS). At the end of the top-up degree the student will have achieved a Professional Bachelor Degree (see below)

There are two kinds of Bachelor’s degrees offered by Danish higher education institutions: a Professional Bachelor’s degree and a University Bachelor’s degree.

A Professional Bachelor’s degree qualifies you to enter a specific profession. It is awarded after three to four and a half years of study (se Top-up Degrees above). In addition to attending lectures, students participate in seminars, project work and group activities. The theoretical foundation is also applied practically through work placements. To complete the programme successfully, students must submit a final project..

The University Bachelor’s degree is awarded after a three-year undergraduate programme. Teaching is research-based. It provides students with a broad academic foundation, as well as specialised knowledge. Towards the end of the programme you are required to submit a final project. The programme qualifies you to either enter the labour market or to pursue postgraduate studies.

This is a research-based course that takes two years. It will give you exceptional theoretical knowledge, combined with the ability to apply it practically. It includes a final dissertation or, in certain subjects, a more practical project. Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to enter the labour market or undertake further studies.

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