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Studievalg Danmark (Study and Career Guidance Denmark) is a nationwide guidance institution with 7 regional education and career guidance centres.

We provide guidance to young people and adults about the choice of higher education in Denmark and prospective career opportunities. The guidance offered is independent of sectional interests.

For international students requirements vary from programme to programme. The admission deadline is 15 March for courses starting in August or September.

If you want to talk face-to-face with a counselor you have to book an appointment at

If you have any questions you can call at 33 33 20 00.

Did you receive a rejection letter?

A rejection letter implies that you have not been admitted to any of the programmes you have applied for.

5 things to consider

  • Why didn’t I get accepted?
  • Can I qualify myself by upgrading my levels or general qualifications?
  • Have I checked to see if other programs have vacant study places? They will appear in a list at from 28. July.
  • Have I considered checking out other programs or studying in another part of Denmark? 
  • Do I need guidance? You can receive general guidance on the choice of education programme and application procedure at Studievalg Danmark. The guidance counsellors can help you to get an overview and ideas for your education choices. Book an appointment at or give us a call 33 33 20 00

Further information:

Guidence in Education in Denmark – this publication gives an overview over the key elements in the Danish guidance system

Study in Denmark – general information for foreign students

Guide to diploma recognition – Find out about entering higher education in Denmark on the basis of a foreign exam

Are you qualified? – A list of foreign qualifications for entry into Danish higher education

How to apply – Online application forms – undergraduate studies only (read the guide carefully)

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